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Charting Ethical Questions by Data Type and Venue

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Figure 1 is intended to provide a reference guide for researchers and research reviewers to recognize where a particular research project might fit in the Internet research continuum or in what specific type of venue a project exists, what types of information/data may be derived from these contexts, and what common ethical questions have been asked within these contexts.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 This should be viewed as a conceptual heuristic comprised of overlapping and fluid categories.  Notably, there are varying ways to frame these contexts and varying ways to perceive one’s research in or of these contexts. Two people can be utilizing the same technological context and yet have very different perspectives on it.  These distinctions are also blurred as technologies converge and become less obvious as a part of everyday life.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Researchers and review boards can refer to this chart as a guide or checklist of considerations when writing or reviewing research proposals, developing methodological approaches for a particular study, designing specific protocols, and so forth.  Ideally, a researcher should be able to answer these questions and justify those responses within the context of his or her research question, discipline, specific Internet venue or context, and region or jurisdiction.

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