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Limitations, or what this document is not

Permalink for this paragraph 0 There are limitations to the current document, as expected. We do not reiterate the many specific rules of governmental or institutional research policies, as these are well documented and widely available. We also do not include specific disciplinary best practices or codes of ethics, as this document seeks to function at the macro-level. ((Such as the Forum for Ethical Review Committees in Asia and the Western Pacific (FERCAP); U.S. Copyright Law, Norway’s National Committee for Research Ethics in the Sciences and the Humanities (NESH); the EU Data Privacy Protection Act.  Each country and/or region maintains specific and changing guidelines. We refer to some of these in the bibliography, but our listing is not all inclusive. Our audiences should consult their professional and discipline-specific codes of conduct or practice, as well as extant regulation, to ensure they are acting in accordance with their disciplinary and jurisdicational bounds.))

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Although we identify current Internet technologies and contexts, we acknowledge that technologies themselves change rapidly. Therefore, this document is designed to emphasize processes for decision-making and questions that can be applied to ever-changing technological contexts.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 At its most fundamental level, we recognize that ethical decision making interweaves one’s fundamental world view (ontology, epistemology, values, etc), one’s academic and political environment (purposes), and one’s defining disciplinary assumptions. Decision making occurs across a range of possible junctures in the cycle of inquiry, including research design, research conduct, and research production and dissemination.  Because of the complexity of ethical decision making in the individual case, this document focuses on general principles and only a fraction of possible ethical dilemmas that may arise.

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