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Purpose and Audience

Permalink for this paragraph 1 While the first AoIR document thus enjoyed extensive use, much has changed in the field of Internet Studies since 2002.  The scope and contexts of Internet research have been dramatically expanded through the continuing global diffusion of the Internet into nearly every country in the world, as facilitated through a growing array of devices (including game consoles, Internet-enabled phones and other mobile devices) and ever-increasing bandwidth; rapidly expanding suites of new communication applications; and the increasingly seamless interweaving of online and offline activities and experiences. Alongside these developments, the literature of Internet research ethics has grown considerably, providing us with a far more extensive range of theoretical resources and practical examples to help recognize and guide ethical reflection.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 The AoIR ethics working committee, with extensive feedback from AoIR membership, has developed this version 2.0 document in an effort to recognize and respond to the array of changing technologies and ongoing developments that affect the ethics of Internet research.

Permalink for this paragraph 1 This document aligns with the purpose of the first AoIR document and serves to extend, not replace, the previous document: It represents a series of considerations designed to support and inform those responsible for making decisions about the ethics of Internet research; it provides a resource for a wide audience of researchers, review boards, ethicists, and students by providing a current discussion of important ethical issues and pertinent literature in the field; and it connects these individuals to a larger researcher community through interactive fora and social media resources.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 This document can provide support for organizations and related groups that commission, fund or have overall responsibility for or an interest in Internet research practices in national and international contexts and can be used to help inform any such bodies of the ethical issues that might be considered and possible ways of resolving ethical problems.

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